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  • Executive Membership is open to businesses of all sizes whose activities give them a strong European presence and who are ready to subscribe to Eurosmart's objectives.
  • Associate Membership is open to non-governmental organisations, business associations, academic institutes, and other private or public institutions that are likely to contribute constructively to Eurosmart's objectives.



Executive Members pay annual fees determined annually by the Council. The fees vary according to the turnover of a company. They are established as follows:

  • € 22.400 annual fee for companies with turnover > €300 million
  • € 16.800 annual fee for companies with turnover between €100-€300 million
  • € 11.200 annual fee for companies with turnover between €50-€100 million
  • € 5.500 annual fee for companies with turnover between €5-€50 million
  • € 1.120 annual fee for startups with turnover < €5 million

Associate Members pay no fee.

(NB: You may find additional information on the association's internal functioning by checking our bylaws.)


Five good reasons to join Eurosmart

Advocacy and monitoring - Eurosmart, the gateway to European institutions

Since 1995, Eurosmart has been the voice of the smart security industry in Brussels, promoting its members’ interests towards EU decision-makers and legislators. Eurosmart members are among the first to learn about upcoming legislation and – through Eurosmart – also the first to be actively involved in the European decision process on relevant legislation.

FUNDING - Eurosmart, the facilitator for access to EU-funded projects

Eurosmart facilitates the identification of relevant calls for tenders and supports applicants in the elaboration of their project, guiding its member companies towards European funds. Applying for EU-funded projects under the umbrella of Eurosmart, a renowned European organisation, will enhance your chances for success considerably.

SYNERGIES AND KNOWLEDGE-SHARING - Eurosmart, the voice of the Smart Security Industry

Eurosmart's groups (Council, committees and task forces) meet on a regular basis to discuss both technical and political issues, exchanging know-how and expertise. Networking and best-practice sharing is one major aspect of the committees. The second is, pulling interests and concerns together across the industry and channelling them into one common position which is then put forward by Eurosmart to European decision makers. Eurosmart’s committees constitute the ideal environment for industry experts.

TRENDS AND INSIGHTS - Eurosmart enables privileged access to market trends and forecasts

Twice a year, Eurosmart publishes its market analysis as well as facts and figures on the worldwide smart security market. Based on the collective data of its members, this aggregated information is the best market view available industry-wide. In accordance with relevant competition and antitrust laws it is compiled by Eurosmart market experts in the Market and Technology committee through the analysis of global data and trends in the smart security industry. Full members will have access to much more detailed data, facts, and figures.

NETWORKING - Eurosmart brings together expertise and excellence in the smart security ecosystem

Eurosmart provides unique access to decision makers from the leading companies of the smart security industry. Several platforms allow for easy, fast and informal networking, knowledge exchange and defining common ground. The Eurosmart annual General Assembly, the regular Eurosmart Council as well as Committee meetings provide an opportunity for members to meet and exchange views with their counterparts from other companies in the smart security ecosystem.