Public consultations on BEREC reports

21 October 2015

During its 24th plenary meeting, BEREC approved two draft reports on Internet of Things and OTT services which will be submitted to public consultations.

The draft report on enabling the Internet of Things gives BEREC’s survey and assessment of the state of play on M2M services.

The report looks at preconditions for M2M services to thrive. They include assuring adequate resources for M2M services (spectrum, numbers, IP adresses), an EU Telecommunications Framework fit for M2M services and consumer acceptance of M2M services.It also assesses issues regarding mobile network based M2M solutions in more detail since those have been primarily addressed by stakeholders.

The draft report on OTT services provides an analysis of OTT services, their definition and their impact on the electronic communications sector as well as their impact on the EU framework for electronic communications.

Public consultations will run from 5 October until 6 November, 2015. Stakeholders are invited to send their contributions to:pm@berec.europa

More information on ongoing public consultations