MEP's tabled amendments on the DSM strategy

21 October 2015

The draft report on the Digital Single Market (DSM) Act has been prepared by Kaya Kallas MEP (Estonia, ALDE) from the Industry and Research Committee (ITRE) and Evelyne Gebhardt MEP (Germany, S&D) from the Internal Market and Consumer protection Committee (IMCO). The report responds to the 16 proposals of the DSM strategy launched by the Commission.

MEP's have tabled more than 1200 amendments which will be discussed during IMCO and ITRE committees meeting in November. They have notably stressed the necessity to ensure trust and online security in digital services. Some of them call for a better awareness of the risks and a better knowledge of basis security processes among users of digital services.It is a precondition to fully unlock the potential of the DSM.

The final text is expecting to be voted in January 2016 during the plenary session of the European Parliament in Strasbourg.