Policy Recommendations on Internet of Things

15 December 2015

The Alliance for Internet of Things Innovation (AIOTI) Policy Working Group counts on 200 various members in order to identify existing or potential market barriers that could prevent the take-up of the Internet of Things in the context of the Digital Single Market (DSM). Following an intensive review, the Policy Working Group has now published its recommendations.

Their policy recommendations aim to create a genuine DSM for the Internet of Things and focus on four policy topics which are of horizontal application: privacy, security, liability and net neutrality. There are other important topics relevant including free movement of IoT data or interoperability which could be addressed in the future.

When it comes to privacy, the recommendations range from the adoption of Privacy by Design best practice by AIOTI members to a Commission sponsorship of an accredited privacy engineering program.

The Policy WG also believes there is no need to elaborate new regulations on IoT. Regarding its fast development, it is better to rely on existing law and self-regulatory measures.