Contribution of the European Cybersecurity Industrial Leaders

25 January 2016

At the Forum International de la Cybersécurité (FIC), the European Cybersecurity Industry Leaders (ECIL) workgroup presented to Commissioner Oettinger a report with a set of recommendations to strengthen the cybersecurity in Europe.

The ECIL gathers leading European industry players: Thales, Atos, Airbus, BBVA, BMW, Cybernetica, Deutsche Telekom, Ericsson, F-Secure and Infineon.

Their report is divided into two parts. The first part aims at measures to make the EU more trustworthy and digitally secure. The second part focuses on the development of European champions in order to make them competitive at a global level. To do so, they put forward recommendations in key areas such as the Cybersecurity certification.

They notably call for the creation of "European Cybersecurity Labels" as a mechanism for voluntary certification. The requirements could be defined by an EU-level agency in agreement with national security agencies of member states. For example, such requirements may include the “Privacy-by-Design” principle followed in the development of product/services.