Eurosmart met Bodo Lehmann, member of Oettinger's Cabinet

27 January 2016

Eurosmart was pleased to welcome Bodo Lehmann as a guest speaker.

During our Council meeting, Eurosmart members had an exchange of views with the member of Oettinger’s cabinet, Bodo Lehmann. Mr Lehmann is in charge of many subjects of interest such as trust & security, the cybersecurity or e-government.

Participants discussed the next Cybersecurity agenda of the Commission as well as the Eurosmart involvement in the Public-Private Partnership on Cybersecurity (cPPP). Bodo Lehmann reiterated that cybersecurity is a challenge that needs a European response and called for a digital sovereignty of Europe. To do so, he acknowledged that the digital security and privacy industry need standardization and certification in the market to better buy and sell across Europe.