Preliminary Trends of the Public Consultation on ICT Standards Plan

05 February 2016

The Commission publishes a first brief analysis of the public consultation on Priority ICT Standards Plan.

The consultation is part of the Digital Single Market strategy and relates to an action on developing standards and interoperability in the ICT domain. The 156 replies are being analysed but the Commission already observes interesting first trends:

-A majority of respondents agreed on the need of reinforcing European presence in global standardisation
-The Rolling Plan for ICT Standardisation is considered as an effective instrument to complement the prioritisation
-Very interestingly, the respondents selected the Cyber (17%), the IoT (14%) and the Data (11%) as the three first priority areas.

The in-depth analysis is being prepared by the Commission and will be published online in due course. The results will feed into the Priority ICT standards Plan to be adopted by the Commission in April 2016.