Smart Borders Package: A New Entry-Exit System

06 April 2016

On 6 April, the Commission presented its revised proposal for a Regulation on the establishment of an Entry-Exit System.

As part of the Smart Borders Package, the Commission wants the use of new technologies to modernise external border management and to help manage the flow of travellers at the external borders.

The system will apply to all non-EU citizens admitted for a short stay in the Schengen area (maximum 90 days). It will register the name, type of travel document and biometrics (a combination of four fingerprints and the facial image) as well as the date and place of entry and exit. It should increase automation at border-controls and improve the detection of document and identity fraud. To do so, interoperability between the Entry-Exit System and the VIS (Visa Information System) will be established.

Besides the Entry-Exit System, the Commission publishes a Communication on 'Stronger and Smarter Information Systems for Borders and Security' as well as a revised proposal for a Regulation amending the Schengen Borders Code to integrate the technical changes that result from the proposed Entry-Exit System.