Commission Working Document on the Internet of Things (IOT)

20 April 2016

A Staff Working Document (SWD) on the Internet of Things (IoT) has been published by the European Commission on 19th April 2016.

The SDW is a non-binding document which accompanies the Commission’s communication entitled “Digitising European Industry”. It has been built on a series of studies and consultations as well as the inputs of the Alliance of the Internet of Things (AIOTI) which is mentioned as a key partner for the Commission.In this document, the IoT policy is expressed through three pillars:

  • A single market for the IoT: IoT devices and services should be able to connect seamlessly and on a plug-and-play basis anywhere in the EU. The document mentions the current legal framework in relation to data protection. These issues, including the data ownership of data generated by sensors and other collecting devices, will be examined as part of the free flow of data initiative.

  • A thriving IoT ecosystem: open platforms used across vertical silos will help developer communities to innovate.

  • A human-centred IoT: the IoT in Europe is to respect European values thanks to high standards for the protection of personal data and security. The creation of a 'Trusted IoT' label will aim at  giving transparent information about different levels of privacy and security to consumers.