Final Report on Data and Cloud Computing Public Consultation

12 May 2016

The Commission carried out a public consultation on data and cloud computing, as part of the wider consultation on platforms. The report of the answers regarding the data and cloud section is now available.

Out of the 1005 replies received through the EU-Survey, 653 replies were on this dedicated section.

The existing legal framework is not satisfactory for almost half of the respondents (gathering both providers and users of IoT data driven services). It has impacted the use of IoT services and/or data driven services as well as users' trust in them. As a result, there is a need to address liability issues for IoT services at EU level. The Commission will tackle it in its initiative on the free flow of data expected in November 2016.

As the EC promotes it, the respondents also consider that open service platforms have more advantages than closed service platforms. They are said to be interoperable, to promote innovation, to enhance competition and to create open innovation ecosystems.