Public Consultation on 5G

14 June 2016

On June 14, the European Commission launched a public consultation for a coordinated introduction of 5G networks in Europe.

As announced during the last Mobile World Congress, a 5G Action Plan will be released at the end of the year 2016 as part of the Commission's upcoming review of EU telecoms framework. The Commissioner Oettinger stresses that Europe needs a speedy introduction of 5G when countries as China and the US are already quickly moving.

The Commission seeks to identity opportunities for a coordinated introduction of 5G networks in Europe as of 2020 and will use these results to feed the Action Plan. The questions range from the agenda (best date for the introduction of 5G) to the 5G enablers. There are few questions on the standardisation process since it mainly focuses on spectrum and investments.

The consultation is open until July 11. A short summary of the consultation results will be published 1 month after.