ENISA Study : Economic Impact of Cyber-incidents

11 August 2016

The ENISA published a review of studies related to the economic impact of cybersecurity incidents on Critical Information Infrastructures (CII) in the EU.

The CIIs are structures which provide the resources on which all functions of society depend upon. Any incident would have a detrimental effect on the society as a whole.

The major findings include:
- Cybercrime continues to be on the rise for organisations
- Companies that fail to adequately protect their networks will be at an increasing  competitive disadvantage
- Finance, ICT and energy sectors have the highest incident costs.

The ENISA regrets that current studies are based on different criteria and methodologies. Their findings can only apply to a specific context and to a limited audience. The ENISA recommends developing such studies throughout a unified analysis in order to picture the  european cyber-space as accurately as possible.