First Report on Progress Made Towards a Sustainable Security Union

12 October 2016

The European Commission commits to present a series of monthly report on progress made towards an effective and sustainable Security Union.

The European Commission adopted the European Agenda on Security on 28 April 2015, setting out the main actions to ensure an effective EU response to terrorism and security threats over the period 2015-2020. In this framework, the Commission commits to present a series of progress report.

The first report available outlines the need to accelerate the work on security related proposals presented by the Commission. The priority is the fight against terrorism by enhancing the Europe’s resilience against these threats. Among many initiatives, the Commission will publish by November a legislative proposal for an EU travel and information authorisation system (ETIAS) for visa-exempt third-country national, will establish the establishment of an EU Entry-Exist System (EES) and will keep working to address technical and operational aspects to achieve greater interoperability of information systems.

The next progress report is foreseen for November 2016.