Eurosmart to address synergies between ePassports and eID Cards at the High Security Printing conference

28 March 2017

During the High Security Printing conference in Baku on 28 March 2017, Detlef Houdeau, Chair of the Eurosmart's Cybersecurity and Digital Identities Committee, delivered a speech addressing synergies between ePassports and eID Cards.

Since the last two decades, many States have defined, specified and have started the roll out of electronic eID card, in order to foster digitizing ID documents in the public domain, offer online services in the web and decrease fraud on ID documents.

Since 2006 the ICAO 9303 standard has been deployed for travel documents, which capture technology standards such as ISO/IEC 19794 on biometrics and ISO/IEC 14443 on contactless interface as well as application standards for travel documents, like Passport (ID3-format), Residence Permit Cards and Registered Traveller Cards. Since 2006 the ICAO-standard has been moving more and more into national eID cards (ID1-format).

This has politic aspects, some application effects, some production impacts and affect the electrical interface of the card (contactless). The speech reflects all running national eID card programs in Europe, which use this ICAO standard, and shows the trend from 2005 (first implementation, Sweden) to 2016 (last implementation, Ukraine).