Mid-term review of the Digital Single Market

29 May 2017

On the 10th of May, the European Commission has published its Mid-term Review of the Digital Single Market. This document analyses the different measures already taken by the European Union for the creation of the Digital Single Market and draws the strategy for the second half the mandate.

While the EU has taken measures for the free movement of personal data (GDPR), it would also like to create a legal framework for the free movement of non-personal data. The Commission has undertaken a public consultation as well as a detailed exchange with Member States on EU free flow of data cooperation framework within the DSM.

With the threat landscape, the EU Cybersecurity Strategy needs to be reviewed. Connected products and systems need to be safe from the moment they are on the market. The creation of a European ICT security framework setting rules on how to organise ICT security certification in the EU could both preserve trust in the internet and tackle the current fragmentation of the cybersecurity market.

By September 2017, the Commission will review the mandate of ENISA to define its role in the changed cybersecurity ecosystem. Eurosmart has been consulted two times on this topic and is pushing for security certification and labelling to be implemented and monitored by ENISA. The Commission will also develop measures on cyber security standards, certification and labelling by September 2017.