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Security Certification Meta-framework unanimously approved by the ECSO Board

07 December 2017
On 5 December, the European Cyber Security Organization (ECSO) Board unanimously approved the Security Certification Meta-framework for the single European IoT-market and the digital transformation in Europe. This framework was prepared by the ECSO Working Group 1 (WG1).
“This vote confirms the excellent work realised by the ECSO WG1 under the technical supervision of Martin Schaffer (representing Eurosmart as Co-Chair of the ECSO WG1)” said Stéfane Mouille, President of Eurosmart, who wished to congratulate them. “This is a tremendous example of fruitful collaboration between many different actors, such as the European Cyber Security industry, National Security Agencies and European CAB.”
Eurosmart now hopes that the approach outlined in the Security Certification Meta-framework will be taken into account in the Cybersecurity Act process of the European Commission, when establishing new certification schemes. “I am glad that we start having the right tools to deal with cyber threats” underlined Stéfane Mouille. “Eurosmart will gladly carry on its strong contribution to the technical work at ECSO, just as it has been building the SOG-IS principles for more than 20 years”.