Technical documents

  • 25 March 2019- Technical document

    Certifiable Implementation of an External NV Storage for a SoC with integrated Secure Functions

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    Executive summary

    This white paper outlines risks involved in several implementations of external non-volatile storage for integrated secure functions in larger Systems on Chip (SoC).

    The external storage...

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  • 30 October 2018- Technical document

    Added-value of high level security evaluation methodology versus Push-button testing

    This white paper deals with current practices used in high level security evaluation methodology concerning vulnerability assessment, penetration testing and attack rating. It is compared to the trend in Common Criteria to use push-button testing...

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  • 09 October 2018- Technical document

    Voice of Experts: blockchain & Cryptography

    By Sylvain CARRIOU, Mourad FAHER, Alban FERAUD and Christine HENNEBERT

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    The digital world is now hyperconnected and it is gradually changing daily life of the European Citizens and consumers.

    This transformation...

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  • 09 May 2018- Technical document

    Are Smart cards within scope of WEEE Directive?


    In recent months, customers of the smart card industry have raised the question, whether smart cards and smart card based products (e.g. SIM cards, payment cards, electronic passports, electronic ID cards, health insurance cards) would fall...

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  • 06 December 2017- Technical document

    Cybersecurity Package: Comments on the PwC Study

    Eurosmart wished to make comments on the PwC Impact Study Analysis, which is part of the Cybersecurity Package. This study contains erroneous statements that Eurosmart would like to point out. Please download the document for more details.


  • 06 November 2017- Technical document

    Radio Equipment directive and passive RFID products

    Radio Equipment Directive (RED) 2014/53/EU impacts the way in which the RFID products are placed on the European market. Eurosmart issued on 6th November a position paper to present its understanding of the Directive. Besides, in order to clarify...

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  • 01 November 2014- Technical document

    Used smart cards are not to be considered as WEEE

    Eurosmart, SPA and SIMalliance joint Press Release points out that used smart cards are not to be considered Electrical and Electronic Waste, and that treating smart cards as Waste of Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) would cause serious...

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  • 01 October 2014- Technical document


    Registered and Certified by Bundesamt für Sicherheit in der Informationstechnik (BSI) under the reference BSI-CC-PP-0084-2014.

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  • 01 July 2010- Technical document

    Protection Profiles Survey

    Eurosmart Security working group has issued and is regularly updating a Protection Profile Survey for smart cards and similar devices to guide customers in the selection of appropriate up to date Protection profiles.

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  • 01 July 2008- Technical document

    Protection Profiles survey for smart cards and similar devices

    This document provides a list of Protection Profiles used for smart cards Common Criteria evaluations. The intent of this document is to give an updated survey of existing protection profiles certified and still in development, and not to discuss...

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  • 02 June 2008- Technical document

    Cryptographic Constraints for Smart Security Devices Applications

    The goal of this document is to provide an overview on the cryptographic mechanisms specified today in the main smart security devices applications to compare with the recommendation of the different governmental institutions, and to provide some...

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  • 01 October 2007- Technical document

    RFID technology security concerns: Understanding Secure Contactless device versus RFID tag

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  • 01 October 2007- Technical document

    Security IC Platform Protection Profile

    Version 1.0 15.06.2007 - developed by Atmel, Infineon Technologies, AG, NXP Semiconductors, Renesas Technology Europe Ltd., STMicroelectronics.

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  • 01 October 2004- Technical document

    Eurosmart White Paper : Increased Security with Optimised Cost

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