Our expertise

With over 20 years of existence in Brussels, Eurosmart has a long track record of successful contributions in the fields of digital identities, data protection, cybersecurity, Internet of Things, payments and border management.                
  • IT security

    Exchanging expertise on encryption & promoting robust digital security solutions
  • Cybersecurity & digital identities

    Advocating for ID solutions based on strong authentication in the public sector     
  • Mobility

    Promoting secure mobile services (contactless payments and identity management)    
  • Market Analysis

    Analyzing trends, statistics and data on the worldwide market of secure elements
  • Legal Analysis

    Identifying legal fragmentation and obstacles in the European Digital Single Market
  • Corporate Social Responsibility

    Exchanging good practices and starting activities around CSR indicators and trends    
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facts & figures

Worldwide Smart Secure Device forecasts for 2017

Eurosmart expects the number of secure elements shipped in 2017 to exceed 10 billion. This growth is mostly driven by the adoption of contactless payment in an increasing number of regional markets

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