IT and Security Committee (ITSC)

IT and Security Committee (ITSC)

The IT and Security Committee (ITSC) is in charge of addressing security evaluation and certification aspects occurring in the smartcard and secure element technical domains covered by Eurosmart. ITSC provides recommendations, technical documents, and whitepapers to answer, and possibly resolve, those challenges. When necessary, the ITSC committee will develop specifications related to certification, such as Protection Profiles (e.g., PP-0084 and PP-0117).

ITSC considers smartcards and secure elements in all form factors (IC, embedded, and integrated) at all levels (hardware, software, and services) and throughout the whole lifecycle (architecture, design, development, manufacturing, deployment, and end-of-life).
ITSC studies use cases addressed by smartcards and secure elements, such as, but not limited to, communications, identification, payment, and transport.
ITSC monitors all technologies related to smartcards, secure elements and, more specifically, secure execution, cryptography, isolation, protocols, storage, etc.

ITSC members are encouraged to share the outcomes of ITSC activities at selected events, by means of presentations, participation in panels, etc.

ITSC works in collaboration with external organizations and international-standards bodies, in particular GlobalPlatform, GSMA, ISCI, JHAS and with ENISA and its ad-hoc working groups through liaisons.



Director of the ITSC

Jean-Philippe GALVAN (Qualcomm)

Vice Director of the ITSC

Rachel MENDA-SHABAT (Winbond)

Director of the PP-0117 subgroup

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