Internet of Things (IoT)

Internet of Things (IoT) Committee

The IoT domain,  takes input from multiple sectorial and regional developments, from public and private sectors. For that reason, the Eurosmart IoT committee, while its primary focus is to address the European market developments, it will also foster relations, and work with an eye towards international activities, from regulatory, technological and standardization point of view.

The IoT Committee provides support to Eurosmart’s representative at ETSI TC Cyber and EC group of experts, complementing the technical work provided by Eurosmart’s technical committee when it comes to IoT topics. On top of collecting key marker intelligence in the IoT security domain, it translates this information into actionable intelligence for the association, driving security adoption in collaboration with key stakeholders. The committee addresses IoT device security from the perspective of best practices in the security space, for example, the use of composition principles for scalable solutions. The IoT committee acknowledges the need for cooperation with the full IoT stack, as device security cannot be approached in isolation from the supply chain or secure services.

The committee objectives :

  • IoT Market intelligence;
  • Liaisons-networks;
  • Development, and adoption, of security frameworks and methodologies for IoT products in the European market;
  • Eurosmart, as thought leadership for the IoT security domain.


Preeti Ohri KHEMANI (Infineon)

Director of the IoT Committee

Rachel Menda-Shabat (Winbond)

Vice-Director of the IoT Committee

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