Cybersecurity and Digital Identity (CDI)

Cybersecurity and Digital Identity (CDI) Committee

The Cybersecurity and Digital Identity (CDI) committee focuses on all policies, standards, technical aspects and use cases related to security, cybersecurity, privacy and digital identities of persons at large, primarily within the European Economic Area (EEA).

The fields of interests cover digital identities of persons, electronic signatures, but also identity documents, as well as all related topics spanning from (1) the identity verification – which is instrumental to deliver identity document, digital identity or register to trust services, (2) digital identities, identity documents and electronic signatures on mobile phone, and (3) security evaluation and certification aspects. Besides, the committee addresses domains for which identity is critical such as Internet, web and cloud services in the public and private sectors, health services, financial sector, travel and border control as well as driving license and special documents, based on EU – and/or national regulation, such as tachograph and taxi cards.

The Cybersecurity and Digital identity (CDI) committee is actively contributing on the eIDAS II proposal from the European Commission unveiled in June 2021, which will pave the way for trusted digital identities in Europe for the next decades. In that regards, the Cybersecurity and Digital identity (CDI) committee produces substantial technical, standard related and policy related contributions.


Marie FIGARELLA (Thales-DIS)

Co-Director of the CDI Committee


Co-Director of the CDI Committee

Dr Detlef HOUDEAU (Infineon)

Vice-Director of the CDI Committee


Vice-Director of the CDI Committee

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