Governance & Board members


Eurosmart is a not-for-profit organisation, registered under the legal identity of a Belgian Association. Eurosmart represents the Digital Security Industry, is committed to expanding the Digital Security market and developing Smart Secure Devices and Secure Software and their related standards. The Association is committed to continuously improve the quality, the tamper resistance to potential attacks and the security of these Smart Secure Devices and Secure Software.

Eurosmart is registered in the Transparency Register of the European Commission and the European Parliament under following number: 21856815315-64.

Board Members

The Board is made of permanent senior members and elected rotating members. It is responsible to ensure the Association’ official representation, the efficient implementation of the General Assembly’s decisions and the implementation of the annual budget approved by the General Assembly. The board supervises any daytoday management and operational work of the Association.

Alban Feraud

President of Eurosmart - IDEMIA

Dr. Detlef Houdeau

Senior Board member - Infineon

Claus Dietze

Senior Board member - G+D Mobile Security

Claire Loiseaux

Board member (SMEs) - Internet of Trust

Anne-Lise Thieblemont

Board member (Vendors) - Qualcomm

Olaf Tettero

Board member (Labs/TICs) - SGS Brightsight

John Boggie

Senior Board member - NXP

Olivier van Nieuwenhuyze

Senior Board member - ST Microelectronics

Philippe Proust

Senior Board member - Thales DIS

Brussels office and Staff

Eurosmart’s permanent staff is located in Brussels, it is seconded by external consultants to support the technical work of the committees.

Pierre-Jean Verrando

Director General

Camille Dornier

Senior Policy Manager

Dr. Gisela Meister


Serge Barbe



Accounting officer

Legal documents

Eurosmart and its members adhere to the highest transparency standards.