Biometrics Committee

The Biometrics Committee works on standards that are applicable to biometrics and that will influence potential certification process, EU policy and EU harmonised standards. 3 areas of focus are provided: on the political side, on technical topics and on the collaboration with other stakeholders to weight on EU standardisation trends on biometrics.

The Biometrics Committee promotes the added-value of the EU biometric industry, leading in, and committed to Consumer Biometrics, as an efficient way to comply with the PSD2, GDPR, eIDAS, AML-5 and the EU fundamental rights in terms of privacy. For instance, to spread the word that Biometrics is convenient authentication, needs EU rule compliance, can benefit to customers’ privacy – the EU industry is in the best position to provide the best suited solutions. To achieve these goals and provide consistency at the EU level, the development and the promotion of  EU certification for biometric technologies is necessary.


Jonas ANDERSSON (FingerPrints)

Director of the Biometrics Committee

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