Eurosmart Members

The voice of the Digital Security Industry

With more than 25 years of experience, Eurosmart gathers technological experts in the field of the Digital security. We advocate for a high security level in digital interactions.

Eurosmart Members

Members are designers or manufacturers of secure elements, semiconductors, smart cards, systems on chip, High Security Hardware and terminals, biometric technology providers, system integrators, secure software and application developers and issuers. Members are also involved in security evaluation as laboratories, consulting companies, research organisations and associations.


EUROSMART is member of several European Commission and ENISA’s groups of experts: Radio Equipment Directive, eCall, Multistakeholder platform for ICT standardisation, Product Liability, Stakeholder Cybersecurity Certification Group (SCCG), ENISA ad-hoc WG1


EUROSMART and its members are also active in many other security initiatives and umbrella organisations on EU-level, like CEN, ECIL, ETSI, ESIA, ETSI, GlobalPlatform, ISO, SIA, TCG and others.

Senior members

Testing and Inspection companies (TIC)