What we do

What we do

Eurosmart is a pioneer trade association in the field of Digital Security. Since 1995, our organisation has been advocating for strong and comprehensive approach to strengthen its cyber resilience. Eurosmart is the funding father of the first European ethical hacking group on hardware devices.

We support the European Digital Industry to reach a high security level in digital interactions and bring more trust to citizens and enterprises. To achieve these goals, our activities are built upon three main pillars.

Market & Technological Analysis

Eurosmart provides market analysis and market forecasts related to the area of the digital security. We analyse the critical technologies enabling EU's digital sovereignty.


Eurosmart advocates for an increase in the security level of digital interactions in Europe and wold-wide. We promote “security by design” and “security by default” principles towards the policy makers.

Technical contributions

Eurosmart provides its expertise and contributes to several fora, consortia, european and internatiolan standardisation organisations. We also are committed in several EU expert groups and European Publiv-Private partnerships.

Market and Technological Analysis

Eurosmart anticipates the technical evolutions of essential technologies for the European digital sovereignty. Topics include cryptography, encryption, biometrics, data protection…

Twice a year, Eurosmart provides its digital security market analysis for secure elements, secure mobile applications and biometrics.

Market and Technological Analysis Committees

Market and Technology Committee

Provides Market analysis and shipment forecasts for the secure element market.

Maud Prevert-Augustin

Director M&T Committee

Biometrics Committee

Monitors world-wide biometrics standards and provides key figures for the biometrics market analysis.


Director Biometrics Committee


Eurosmart actively contributes to the European public debate and advocate for the European know-how in matter of digital security, thus by answering to public consultations and by maintaining a continuous dialogue with the policy makers (EU Commission, Parliament, Council) and relevant stakeholders (Public-private partnerships, fora, consortia).

Conducts a regulatory monitoring and analysis on the European, national and international legislations that may impact the Digital industry as well as the relevant funding programs and projects related to the Digital Single Market.

Advocacy committees

Corporate and Social Responsability Committee

Exchange of good practices concerning CSR. Monitoring the regulatory evolutions (WEEE and RED).


Director CSR Committee

Cybersecurity and Digital Identities Committee

Focuses on all policies, standards, technical and use cases related to cybersecurity and digital identities.


Co-Director CDI Committee


Co-Director CDI Committee

Legal Affairs Committee

Gathers the Heads of Legal Affairs departments of member companies, and identifies legal fragmentation and obstacles in the European single market.

IoT Committee

Focuses on all policies, standards, technical and use cases related to the IoT Market.


Director IoT Committee

Technical contributions

Eurosmart is involved in SOG-IS MRA through two technical groups (ISCI and JHAS) and has developed the Protection profile PP084. The organisation nurtures strong links with ENISA and is a funding member of the European Cybersecurity Public Private Parnership (ECSO) and contributes to EU’s expert group (eCall, Product Liability).

Members are also involved in fora and consortia (Global Platform, FIDO, TCG and GSMA; Business associations (i.e. AIOTI, SIA, ESIA, ECIL, NBN) they technically contributes to the European Standardisation Organisations (ESOs: CEN, CENELEC, ETSI) and to the MSP for Standardisation.

Technical Committees

IT and Security Committee

Exchanges expertise on encryption & promoting robust digital security solutions. Focuses on all standards, technical and use cases related to security certification schemes.

Christoph HERBST

Director IT & Security Committee

Security Communication Committee

Communicates on potential security vulnerabilities and provide QnA.

Alban Feraud


International Smartcard Certification Initiative (ISCI)

Technical contribution to SOG-IS on the evaluation technologies using CC standards.


Director ISCI WG1

JIL Hardware-related Attacks Subgroup (JAHS)

Initaly created by Eurosmart and now under the JIL responsibility and operated by Eurosmart, gathers ethical hackers on hardware devices.

Laurent di Russo

Director JHAS