About Eurosmart

Eurosmart is a pioneer trade association in the field of Digital Security. Since 1995, our organisation has been advocating for strong and comprehensive approach to strengthen its cyber resilience. Eurosmart is the funding father of the first European ethical hacking group on hardware devices.

We support the European Digital Industry to reach a high security level in digital interactions and bring more trust to citizens and enterprises. To achieve these goals, our activities are built upon three main pillars.

Eurosmart gathers technological experts in the field of the Digital security from various companies and organisations. As a European trade association, Eurosmart is representative from a large part of the digital security value chain and conducts many actions towards the European institutions and stakeholders.

Our values

Eurosmart is committed to promoting and enabling security for all digital markets and applications in a scalable way. Eurosmart contributes to the continuous improvement of the quality, the temper resistance to potential attacks and the security of smart secure devices and secure software.

Eurosmart brings its members’ expertise at the EU level (policymakers, executive agency, European standardization organizations, national and international standardization organizations, fora and consortia) and maintains a continuous dialogue with the cybersecurity ecosystem.

Our actions

Eurosmart supports the European Digital Industry to increase the security level in digital interactions and bring more trust to citizens and enterprises. To achieve these goals, our activities are built upon three main pillars.

Market Analysis

Eurosmart anticipates the technical evolutions of essential technologies for the European digital sovereignty. Topics include cryptography, encryption, biometrics, data protection…


Eurosmart provides a forum for the exchange of market and technical data:

  • Statistics and market surveys and market forecasts related to the area of the digital security;
  • Study on specifications of common interest.


Eurosmart advocates for an increase in the security level of digital interactions in Europe and world-wide. Eurosmart is acting for the benefit of its members by


  • Promoting the interests of the digital security industry  and providing expertise by maintaining a continuous dialogue with the policy makers (EU Commission, Parliament, Council) and relevant stakeholders (public authorities, group of experts, standardization bodies, fora and consortia).
  • Ensuring a regulatory monitoring and analysis on the European, national and international legislations that may impact the Digital security industr;
  • Informing and educating institutions, prescribers and end-users;
  • Developing a network of expertise;
  • Contributing to European R & D projects.

Technical contributions

Eurosmart is involved in SOG-IS MRA through two technical groups (ISCI and JHAS) and has developed two Protection profiles: PP-0084 and PP-0117. The organisation nurtures strong links with ENISA and other relevant stakeholders from the Common Criteria ecosystem.


Eurosmart edits technical documents, provides its expertise and contributes to several fora, consortia, european and international standardisation organisations. Eurosmart is also invoved in several EU expert groups and European Public-Private initiatives. Eurosmart is committed to

  • Defining a consistent range of quality and security levels:
    • Test standards for component integrity and quality;
    • Access to laboratories for testing;
    • Certification schemes to the community.