Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Taskforce

The use of Artificial Intelligence, including Big Data, and other emerging technologies offers many benefits but also poses risks. Europe progressively puts Legal Framework and Global Standards in place to ensure that AI developments and progresses can flourish for the good in citizen’s life.


Composed of experts from all Eurosmart’s Committees (IoT, Identity, Biometrics), the Task Force examines how the Secure industry should respond to the European challenges posed by artificial intelligence. Yet, we are just at beginnings of understanding the possibilities for AI-related technologies, and at the same time are struggling to understand and advance beyond the substantial limitations of current state-of-the art systems. The Task force will study how the secure industry can increase human trust and reliance in AI systems from technical and legal perspectives in respect to the European values.

“The European approach to AI will ensure that any AI improvements are based on rules that safeguard the functioning of markets and the public sector, and people’s safety and fundamental rights.” European Commission


Remy FUGIER (IN Groupe)

Director of the AI Task Force

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