The voice of the Digital Security Industry

With more than 25 years of experience, Eurosmart gathers technological experts in the field of the Digital security

Market & Technological Analysis

Eurosmart provides market analysis and market forecasts related to the area of the digital security. We analyse the critical technologies enabling EU's digital sovereignty.


Eurosmart advocates for an increase in the security level of digital interactions in Europe and wold-wide. We promote “security by design” and “security by default” principles towards the policy makers.

Technical contributions

Eurosmart provides its expertise and contributes to several fora, consortia, european and internatiolan standardisation organisations. We also are committed in several EU expert groups and European Public-Private partnerships.

  • The European Commission recently organised a consultation on the “New Consumer Agenda” with a section dedicated to the revision of the General Product Safety Directive.  The General Product Safety Directive is a cross-sectoral legislation that l...

  • The eIDAS Regulation establishes a framework for the cross-border use of notified digital identities (eIDs). It ensures that EU citizens can access online public services with their national eID when they are in other EU countries. The legislation al...

  • The NIS Directive is cornerstone legislation for cybersecurity in Europe. In this framework, Member States need to ensure that Operators of Essential Services (OES), such as banks and health services, put in place appropriate security measures. In ad...

Fact & Figures

2019-2020 Eurosmart’s secure element shipment forecasts confirm a stable and mature market

Supported events

Webinar: Using SESIP to Simplify Security Evaluation and Build Trusted IoT Products

Following on from the launch of its SESIP Methodology in March 2020, GlobalPlatform will present a second SESIP webinar alongside guests from STMicroelectronics, Trust CB, Brightsight, NXP, ETSI and Arm at 8:00 PST / 17:00 CET on December 2. The webinar will explore how device...

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