The voice of the Digital Security Industry

With more than 25 years of experience, Eurosmart gathers technological experts in the field of the Digital security

Market & Technological Analysis

Eurosmart provides market analysis and market forecasts related to the area of the digital security. We analyse the critical technologies enabling EU's digital sovereignty.


Eurosmart advocates for an increase in the security level of digital interactions in Europe and wold-wide. We promote “security by design” and “security by default” principles towards the policy makers.

Technical contributions

Eurosmart provides its expertise and contributes to several fora, consortia, european and internatiolan standardisation organisations. We also are committed in several EU expert groups and European Public-Private partnerships.

  • On 3 December, the Council of the EU released its conclusions on the significance of 5G to the European Economy and the need to mitigate security risks linked to 5G. In March 2019, the European Commission published a recommendation on cybersecurity f...

  • During last Digital Assembly held in June, 7 EU Member States signed a declaration in which they commit to exploring -during the next 12 months- the possibility to develop and deploy within 10 years a quantum communication infrastructure in the EU. T...

  • Eurosmart’s secure element shipment forecasts confirm a stable and mature market Download the press release Eurosmart, the Voice of the Digital Security Industry, announced the 2019 and 2020 forecast figures for worldwide secure element shipments. A ...

  • Eurosmart’s answer to the European Commission’s Public consultation Eurosmart, the voice of the digital security industry, is committed to providing and enhancing security solution to enable European citizens to benefit from reliable and trustworthy ...

  • ENISA issued in Jult a consultation paper entitled ‘EU ICT Industrial Policy: Breaking the Cycle of Failure’, that aims to explore issues such as digital sovereignty and the supply chain of cybersecurity products in Europe, as well as to present an o...

  • Eurosmart feedback on the European Commission’s staff working document Eurosmart, the voice of the digital security industry represents amongst others, manufacturers of secure elements, semiconductors, smart cards and secure software. Eurosmart ...

Fact & Figures

2019-2020 Eurosmart’s secure element shipment forecasts confirm a stable and mature market

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