The voice of the Digital Security Industry

With more than 25 years of experience, Eurosmart gathers technological experts in the field of the Digital security

Market & Technological Analysis

Eurosmart provides market analysis and market forecasts related to the area of the digital security. We analyse the critical technologies enabling EU's digital sovereignty.


Eurosmart advocates for an increase in the security level of digital interactions in Europe and wold-wide. We promote “security by design” and “security by default” principles towards the policy makers.

Technical contributions

Eurosmart provides its expertise and contributes to several fora, consortia, european and internatiolan standardisation organisations. We also are committed in several EU expert groups and European Public-Private partnerships.

Fact & Figures

2018-2019 Eurosmart confirms its forecasts and a continued strength for worldwide secure element market

Supported events

Journée Thématique : “Cybersécurité: Centre de Compétences Européen et projets pilotes “

La Commission Européenne a prévu la mise en place d'un Centre de Compétences en Cybersécurité à l'aune d'Horizon Europe, le successeur du programme de recherche et de développement H2020.

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