Committees and Task forces

Eurosmart’s Committees and Task forces

Eurosmart operates several committees and task forces addressing specific topics


Cybersecurity and Digital Identity

Monitoring and analysis of related policies, standards, technical and use-cases.

Internet of Things

IoT security domain, market intelligence, security framework, certification, EU market access and surveillance.


EU biometric industry, leading in, and committed to Consumer Biometrics and certification.

Market and Technology

Market analysis shipments and forecasts on secure element’s market.

IT and Security

Security evaluation and certification aspects occurring in the smartcard and secure element technical domains

Task forces

Artificial Intelligence Task force

Monitoring of the AI related initiatives on Artificial Intelligence and the related standard development.

Soft IP Task force

Gap analysis and scope/perimeter definition for Soft IP Evaluation.

Technical groups operated by Eurosmart


JILWG operated by Eurosmart – Guidance to interpret the rating methodology. Monitor state of the art attack paths


JILWG operated by Eurosmart – Evaluation of technologies using CC standards.