A Cartography of Security Certification Schemes/Standards for IOT

A Cartography of Security Certification Schemes/Standards for IOT

This document presents a mapping of certification schemes selected by Eurosmart that are applicable to IoT (Internet of Things) in Europe. The selection includes national, proprietary certification scheme, security standards, guidelines or framework and they are collectively called ‘scheme’ in the rest of the document.

This report provides an overview of the selected schemes on several criteria that are relevant to the industry: the main targeted product or group of products, the associated markets and users, the technical characteristics and the compliance with the European Cybersecurity Certification framework. This report is built on a compilation of data collected through interview and questionnaires.

It is intentional to keep the rough information as it has been collected and to leave the analysis and any inferred information to the reader.

It is important to note that the report is based on answers have been collected from June to September 2019. Therefore, the information might be outdated.

We have done our best to have up to date information at that time but note that the responsibility of TÜViT and IOTR is limited to the collection and the aggregation of the answers.

Because of these two characteristics that are inherent of this kind of work, this report is only a tool to understand the certification landscape. In case you need reliable and up-to-date information about the schemes, please contact them directly (list of websites available in the last section).