Europe lacks a reference point for Artificial Intelligence

Europe lacks a reference point for Artificial Intelligence

It is quite common to talk about (and lament) the EU lagging behind international competitors in the race for AI technologies. It is far less common to advocate for the creation of an AI Competence Centre in Europe. This is the ambitious stance taken by Eurosmart in a newly published position paper.

Eurosmart explains that Europe crucially needs an AI Competence Centre to catch up with its international competitors. This central structure would have a wide range of missions, from the definition of R&I priorities, the management of EU funding, to the organisation of access to sensitive data. Standards and certification would also be within the remit of this new entity to ensure harmonisation in line with EU values.

The ultimate goal of this AI Competence Centre would be to foster “AI made in Europe” with a strong focus on fundamental rights, safety and security.

Interested in knowing more? Please have a look below at our position paper (also available for download).