Eurosmart to contribute to the highest digital security levels through a new protection profile

Eurosmart to contribute to the highest digital security levels through a new protection profile

For more than 23 years, Eurosmart has been committed in promoting the excellence in hardware and software resistance to potential attacks. Euromsart members’ technologies and solutions are worldwide recognised and are used to reach the highest security levels for the protection of critical assets. Today, these technologies are crucial for securing transactions, communications, data and IT infrastructures. They protect personal data and enhance the security of the most critical communication infrastructures, like those of NATO.

Since 1998, Eurosmart has been maintaining the “Security IC Platform Protection Profile” and released its last version in 2014: “Protection Profile BSI-CC-PP-0084-2014”. These protection profiles have been becoming worldwide references for highly secure hardware.

Today, taking advantage of this knowledge, Eurosmart gets start writing a new Protection Profile (PP) within the SOGIS certification scheme, which aims to cover Secure Subsystems in SoC (System on Chip). This new PP will enable the evolution of security technologies, for smartphones and IOT devices especially.

“Thanks to its new PP, Eurosmart wants these new types of product to reach the EAL4+ AVA VAN.5 level, and at the same time, to allow the ecosystem to benefit from common references for security evaluations” said Stéfane MOUILLE, President of Eurosmart.

Eurosmart yearns to provide the security community with comparable evaluation methodologies which tackle critical points, such as the management of non-volatile memory.

By 12 months, vendors, Certification Bodies (CAB-R according to the European Cybersecurity Act), Evaluation laboratories (CAB-e according to the European Cybersecurity Act) will be able to benefit from this new Protection Profile.