Eurosmart to reinforce its position at the leading edge of European Cybersecurity certification

Eurosmart to reinforce its position at the leading edge of European Cybersecurity certification

Since 1995 Eurosmart has been advocating for proven and recognised security solution for the digital world. Today, Eurosmart knows a fresh impetus thanks to the recent European initiatives for cybersecurity and more precisely in matter of cybersecurity certification. The membership of Eurosmart is covering a broad spectrum of the European digital security value chain, from the large industry to SME, laboratories and CABs.

Eurosmart is thrilled to have welcomed new members of varied backgrounds since the last few months. Amongst its members, 2 Inspection and technical companies (TICs) SGS and Bureau Veritas are supporting our activities to bring closer Safety and Security Certification. Alongside CEA-Leti, 5 other laboratories, as part of the certification ecosystems, have recently been joining the association: Keolabs, Serma, Brightsight, Red Alert Labs, Cabinet Louis Renaud. Our ecosystem is well recognized and supported by academics and Research and Technological Organisations, the European Cybersecurity indeed deserves a better inclusion of its research and education. Besides the Franhofer Institute, Eurosmart can now count on the strong support of Institut Mines-Télécom (IMT) and ISEN Toulon (Institut Supérieur de l’Électronique et du Numérique). New companies members bring their insights and competences to the Association, from large industry such as Qualcomm as well as from the European digital security ecosystem such as Trust CB, Sarapis, Tiempo Secure and Prove & Run. Eurosmart carries on developing strong partnership with other associations by welcoming SPAC (Secure Physical Access Control).

Thanks to the dynamism of its membership, Eurosmart has been launching its first pilot projects on the “Eurosmart IoT device certification scheme at the level “substantial” (eIoT SCS) which has been built up to be fully compliant with the upcoming European Cybersecurity Certification Framework. The association relies on a close relationship with ENISA, the European Commission and national security agencies and national certification authorities to achieve reliable and strong results.

The association nurtures strong long-term and privileged relationship with SOG-IS by operating two of its technical groups (such as the JHAS – JIL Hardware-related Attacks Subgroug) and actively contributes to its transposal as a European certification scheme for level “high”.

When it comes to standardisation and safety, Eurosmart has recently joined CEN/CENELCT JT13, ETSI as a full member, and three European Commission’s expert group on Radio Equipment, on ICT standardisation, and on product liability. Ahead of the new European legislative term, Eurosmart is more than ever ready to contribute to the enhancement the European cybersecurity policy.