Eurosmart welcomes the provisional agreement on the European digital framework

Eurosmart welcomes the provisional agreement on the European digital framework

Eurosmart, the voice of the European digital security industry in Europe, welcomes the successful conclusion of interinstitutional discussions on the European digital identity framework dossier. It is a crucial step forward in ensuring the security, privacy, and interoperability of digital identities across the EU.

The successful conclusion of the trialogue is a major achievement for the digital security industry,” said John BOGGIE, President of Eurosmart. “It reflects a shared commitment to building a secure and trustworthy digital future for European citizens. Eurosmart is dedicated to supporting the concrete technical implementation of the European Digital Identity Wallet.”

Beyond this provisional political agreement, attention must shift to the technical part. The finalisation of the Digital Identity Architecture and Reference Framework to address outstanding issues, is the next challenge.

Additionally, there is a call for increased efforts in the harmonization approach to cybersecurity. Data protection compliance should have been facilitated through a GDPR certification mechanism.  When it comes to the EU DI wallet certification, such a specific regulation deserves support through a mandatory European cybersecurity certification scheme.

Eurosmart continues to strongly support a mandatory certification mechanism for such a specific and sensitive regulation, while considering that this approach is inefficient and counterproductive for other more generic European laws, such as the Cyber Resilience Act that primarily targets Internet of Things (IoT) products, such as connected home cameras, refrigerators, TVs, toys and non-embedded software.

Eurosmart expects that concrete technical definition of the EU DI wallet will further contribute to the development of a robust framework that empowers individuals while safeguarding their personal data and making the applications secure. The European digital security industry remains committed to supporting policymakers, technical experts, industry stakeholders, and other partners in these ongoing efforts.