Fingerprints becomes a member of Eurosmart

Fingerprints becomes a member of Eurosmart

World-leading biometrics company Fingerprint Cards (Fingerprints(TM)) is taking another important step forward in its smart card strategy and has been accepted as an executive member of the international association Eurosmart.

Founded in 1995, Eurosmart is committed to expanding the world’s smart secure devices market, developing smart security standards and continuously improving the quality of security applications. The association brings together companies from a variety of sectors, including digital identities, data protection, cybersecurity, Internet of Things, and payments. Eurosmart also promotes its members interest towards legislators and decision-makers within the EU.

“Collaboration is key in the smart card ecosystem, let alone to accelerate the new market for fingerprint enabled cards, where there are various stakeholders spanning over many sectors. Eurosmart is an important association that is facilitating this work. We are therefore proud to be working with the world leading suppliers, in Eurosmart, integrating biometric authentication for enhanced security and convenience in smart cards and advancing this market together”, said Thomas Rex, SVP, Business Line Smart Card, at Fingerprints.

As an executive member of Eurosmart, and appointed to lead the Biometrics Committee, Fingerprints will actively contribute to the working group on Biometrics, specifically it is Fingerprints’ intention to establish criteria as well as proof of biometric performance, its security and privacy to ensure its acceptance in the security infrastructure of electronic payment transactions, e-government, e-banking and corporate Identity Access Management.

Didier Sérodon, President of Eurosmart, pointed out that both governments and digital industries are increasingly interested in biometric solutions. “It is a pleasure to have a leading company such as Fingerprints on board”, he underlined. “Biometry is coming in everybody’s life, it is an integral part of the smart and secure world of the future. We are looking forward to working with Fingerprints in order to integrate biometric authentication into smart security”.