Recommendation for the eIDAS toolbox

Recommendation for the eIDAS toolbox

Eurosmart, the Voice of the Digital Security Industry, started working on digital identity topics in 1999 – long before the eIDAS Regulation was even enacted. The association has developed strong expertise in the field, including standardisation aspects.

In this new document, Eurosmart would like to focus on specific points that deserve attention in the context of the eIDAS toolbox. This document builds on the set of technical guidelines that Eurosmart prepared at the beginning of the year.

Eurosmart’s recommendation concerns six topics:

  • Security and data protection
  • Specific functionalities of the Wallet that need to be considered in the design phase or for which there is a lack of standardisation
  • The level of trust that relying parties can place in the attestations of attributes
  • Gatekeepers’ ecosystems
  • Governance aspects
  • The format of attestations of attributes

In addition, readers will find an Annexe that compiles standards per Wallet functionality.

For the eIDAS toolbox, the most relevant European standardisation working groups are CEN/TC 224/ WG 17 and WG 20) and ETSI TC ESI. Their past and ongoing work is particularly useful for the eIDAS toolbox and often mentioned in this paper.