Certification must keep running in times of COVID-19

Certification must keep running in times of COVID-19

Extraordinary Communication

EUROSMART would like to ensure during the COVID-19 crisis that -where possible- normal service with respect to security certification can be maintained.

Certification is an essential part of the industry business: it provides customers with proof point on the security of our products and services. Certification is also a key part of the government procurement process.

The security of the products should remain a top priority even in times of crisis. For EUROSMART members, security is of highest importance: it will not be compromised even during the most difficult circumstances. This why measures should be adopted to support business continuity and the high level of quality with respect to security certification.

Therefore, EUROSMART calls on the Certification Bodies to adopt as soon as possible the following measures:

  • Support the home office and social distancing initiatives of the laboratories (as long as they respect the security practices of the schemes);
  • Give further dispensations where gaps occur in certification renewals;
  • Temporarily suspend the link between site audits and product approvals for sites that are due an audit renewal;
  • Work with the companies to find a work around for new sites that have not completed the audit process.

In addition, Eurosmart would like to point out that Certification Bodies must align their positions on this issue at SOG-IS-MC level to avoid bias across the schemes.