2009 : Yearly Market analysis and forecasts

2009 : Yearly Market analysis and forecasts

All market segments showed positive volume growth in 2009, demonstrating the resilience and capacity of innovation of our Industry. The main sources of growth by market segment were:

– GSM penetration in emerging markets is fueling steady growth in volume.
– In mature markets such as Europe and the USA, the market growth comes from services requiring additional SIM cards, i.e. subscribers using more than one SIM card in additional devices such as netbooks and USB 3G+ keys and from machine to machine (M2M).

Financial services
– Sustainable growth opportunities thanks to EMV migration, given the fact that only 20% of the cards already deployed in this segment are chip cards;
– Second driver is contactless dual interface that enable convenient and fast payment and mass transit applications;
– Retailers offer innovative payments and loyalty services that will contribute to contactless acceptance.

Government and Healthcare
– Multiplication of Government ID tenders worldwide and continuous e-Passport deployment;
– Other ID applications such as driving licenses, healthcare and electronic services to citizens are participating to the solid growth of this market segment;
– Biometry is a vector of innovation in this area.

Eurosmart presents twice a year its market analysis and vision of the Smart Security market worldwide.

Eurosmart figures for 2009 global smart cards shipments, including secure contactless and 2010 forecast are presented in the tables below. The memory based smart security devices have largely been overtaken by the more secure and versatile microprocessor based smart security devices. In the future, Eurosmart will therefore not detail the corresponding shipments and forecasts.