Eurosmart forecasts over 7.5 billion Smart Secure Devices to be shipped in 2013

Eurosmart forecasts over 7.5 billion Smart Secure Devices to be shipped in 2013

Eurosmart announces total Smart Secure Device shipments of 7 billion in 2012 and expects 9% annual growth in 2013.

• Rapid ramp-up of NFC deployment expected to continue with significant volumes of NFC SIMs
• M2M technology opens the door to a wide range of promising new market applications (automotive, smart metering and connected devices)
• SIM market demand supported by deployment of 4G, with currently over 140 commercial LTE networks globally
• Continuous SIM demand in developing markets

• EMV migration continues to drive growth ( Asia and CISMEA)
• Largest mag-stripe markets are converting to chip (China, US)
• Continued strong growth of dual interface devices (combining both contact & contactless technology), forecasted to surpass 30% of 2013 shipments

Government ID-Healthcare
• Steady growth in National eID programs, with large reference countries already rolled-out and new programs to be implemented
• ePassport ?? eDriving license??
• New countries are starting to adopt eVRC (vehicle registration card), esp. in Europe
• High penetration of contactless sustains overall contactless technology growth

• Following shipments of nearly 150 million units in 2012, Eurosmart expects more than 250 million NFC secure elements to be shipped in 2013. Secure NFC devices include NFC enabled UICCs and embedded secure elements and other form factors of NFC enabled secure elements.
• Major handset manufacturers have started to include NFC in their smart phones
• MNOs, banks and merchants have started to market secure NFC services
• Industry alliances and partnerships are rolling-out several projects worldwide